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Which are the things that make Turkey a top 10 medical tourism destination? In the past, medical tourism was a term that usually referred to people from less-developed country traveling abroad for medical treatment that wasn’t available in their home country.

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Regarding the treatment you have received in Antalya ,you can submit your suggestions and requests to us simply by filling out below form. This will help us to improve and upgrade our quality and standards to serve you better. Additionaly we inform you once more about your universal patient rights.


Antalya Health Tourism Association

Health Tourism is defined as patient’s movement from one country to another for the purpose of treatment that patients seek, sometimes bypassing services offered in their home countries.  The reasons patients seek treatments outside their home countries are many, however the most common ones are:

  1. Long waiting list
  2. Lower cost of treatments

Health Tourism is often related to globalization and neo-liberal healthcare policies enabling individuals to travel worldwide to seek better treatment opportunities that suite their needs.  In recent years, emerging countries like Turkey with its upgraded infrastructure and health facilities offering affordable medical care services have become favorable destinations for international patients.

Easy travel without Visa requirements and easy access through Internet to health care providers have also drastically contributed to develop Heath Tourism worldwide.  Some 20-30 years ago when the world was experiencing conflicts between blocs no one could have mentioned Health Tourism.

Turkey is situated between Europe and Asia and with its fast-developing economy offers incomparable opportunities to those who seek treatment alternatives in our healthcare facilities. In recent years Turkey has made considerable improvements in its healthcare facilities, a large number of private investors have invested  heavily in  world class hospitals and equipped them with state of the art medical devices and technology and hired the most highly skilled medical team that aim to deliver the best medical care for our patients. Today, Turkey is proud to have its 45 hospitals accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI) and this puts Turkey 2nd in the world in terms of the number of hospitals awarded this prestigious  accreditation.


In addition to the high standard treatment opportunities Turkey offers, the country’s excellent Thermal Facilities also attract an increasing number of Health Tourists from around the world.


The province of Antalya is in the southern part of Turkey and is a very popular holiday/vacation destination for people from every corner of the world.


Antalya’s outstanding healthcare facilities are accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI) and are richly equipped and staffed with the most talented medical team to provide high standard medical care and treatments at fraction of the cost in the patient home country.

Our Highly Skilled Physicians and Specialists provide outstanding medical care and treatments at costs that are much lower than the USA, Europe, and the Middle East. Appointments are scheduled promptly and without delay. We welcome our patients from Europe, Eastern Europe, Russia, former Soviet States, Middle East and Africa.


Be assured that we will all that is necessary to make you feel at home while you’re in our company in Antalya and return you to your home country in good health.

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