Antalya has long been known as a popular summer holiday destination for those who  mainly come from  European countries and our  northten neighbours, Russian speaking countries. In recent years  to boost Health tourism in  the region  a considerable amount of invesment has been materialised in tourism aming to attract  non turkish  patients from whole surrounding countries of Turkey. This policy no doubt will help to expand the traditional  summer holiday season in the region through whole year and to keep most of the top accomodation facilities in off season – winter – open  ,  this concequently  will  support  to reduce all main costs  involved in hosting patients in health tourism.

Inspired by this sprit in order   to contribute  in developing  Health Tourism in Antalya region  supported and encouraged  by   every circles  seven volenteers   amoung whom are two business administratives dealing with Health Tourism , four  medical doctors  and one   law attorney   have pioneered to establish ANSAT ANTALYA HEALTH TOURISM ASSOCIATION on November 6 th, 2012.

In this respect ANSAT ANTALYA HEALTH TOURİSM ASSOCIATON is the first and only association in Antalya region associated purely in devoloping Health Tourism. We strogly believe that ANSAT will assume an unique important mission in developing Health Tourism in the region and provide considerable contribution to regional economy.

Our aim is to promote and create awarness of Antalya region’s abilities in Health Tourism in  all countries from where we can allure patients for treatment purposes and investment opportunities to Antalya.

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