MD, The Akdeniz Faculty of Medicine

Born in Ankara ,after graduating from the Faculty of Medicine at the HacettepeUniversity in 1995, he completed his special studies in plastic and reconstructive surgery between 1995 and 2001 at the same university. Omer Ozkan  later served in 2004 as a research fellow at the Tokyo University in Japan in perforator flap and super microsurgery and later at the I-Shou University in Kaohsiung, Republic of China (Taiwan) in plastic surgery and hand surgery for a period of six months each.

He and his team performed a uterus transplant on August, 2011 to 21-years-old woman with an organ taken from a cadaver for the first time in the world. On  September, 2010, two arms  were transplanted to  29 years old man. On January , 2012, Omer Ozkan and his team successfully performed two important transplants simultaneously at the Akdeniz University Hospital, a full face transplant and a multiple limb transplant, both for the first time in Turkey. On May , 2012, he performed with his team country’s fourth face and their second full face transplant. He became professor in 2011. He speaks English.

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